Friday, March 8, 2013

Interesting Find: Yogurt Mover by Nude Food Movers

Ever since my eldest started primary school, I've been racking my brains how to get her to eat healthily in school. So far, I've not done a really good job.. but I'm working on it! I had a list of interesting snacks to try and one of them was to bring yoghurt with frozen fruit. However, in this humid hot weather, yoghurt would go bad really quick even with frozen fruit in it to keep it "cool". I hesitated until I spotted the Yogurt Mover by Nude Food Movers (NFM). 
**Oops.. Spot the spelling error - Yogurt Mover!**
Nude Food Movers (NFM) is by Smash that produces lunch boxes, snack boxes, drink wares etc. They strongly believe in eating nutritiously and eliminate the need for portion packing. Everything can be washed and reused easily.  I like them because:- a, they come in really bright gender neutral colours and designs. b, they have containers for EVERYTHING (including muffin cases which I love!). c, they are budget friendly!

The Yogurt Mover comes with a flat spoon, a removable freezer gel compartment and is leak-proof. It is very well designed.. The gel compartment is able to store 1 small tub of yogurt, of course it is definitely much more economical if you scoop out from a huge tub.

Here's what I did. I took a tub of Emmi Swiss yogurt, slightly smaller than a regular tub. I added frozen blueberries that I had in my freezer.. Then just snap it into the outer container..

It should keep it cool for at least 2 hours or more.. I put my daughter's container into her small cooler lunch bag along with her animal biscuits, and pray/hope that she will eat her snack in time during recess!

The Yogurt Mover is sold at most departmental stores. I got mine at Taka for $17. Some Popular stores do carry a limited range of NFM containers. I find the Yogurt Mover is really nifty if you need to keep some snacks cool, especially yogurts and fruits. I prefer fruits to be chilled, it gives fussy eaters a cool treat on a hot day and help keep the fruits fresh longer.

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  1. Hi this is an old post, but was wondering if this kept the yoghurt cool in sg weather. i'm looking for something and came across this for my little boy who just started school.