Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy 8 Months Old, Nic Boy!

Mummy, I need more breakfast!
Nicholas is 8 months old today! I find it rather challenging to have a boy after having two girls. They do challenge what you think is normal. My two girls were relatively good babies. Now, this Nic Boy, he is a handful. He wouldn't stop moving even in his sleep. He doesn't want to be weaned off breastmilk (ok, that's not his fault! hahaha). He doesn't take to semi solids easily - alto he is doing way better now with porridge on the menu.

But, being an active baby, he is ahead in his physical milestones. He is already standing with support, able to let go one hand and also sit back down after he stands. *sigh* Trust me when I say we are tired out by him, he wakes up even thru the night.. despite tanking up on food/milk.

So at 8 months old.. He still isn't showing signs of growing his precious pearly whites, he doesn't babble much but squeals a lot to show he is excited/happy. I must say... he is also one heck of a tenacious boy! He never gives up when he wants to touch something. He can go on and on, trying to grab a laptop/phone/remote.

Happy 8 months old, Nic Boy! Mummy and Daddy loves you despite the sleepness nights you give us.

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