Monday, January 14, 2013

It's 2013!

Finally, I've got the time to sit down and reflect on the recent events..!

I decided I've come to a point that I can't deal with my son's allergies anymore.. Neither did I have a time to give Tiger the love and care that I once given him. Mind you, when I gotten him, I only had one child.. Then, soon after I had my number 2.. which number 3 followed on. *sigh* My priorities will always be the children. When number 3 showed signs that he is highly sensitive to a lot of things.. I knew we have to give him away. And so we did.. To a lovely family with a special girl who loves cats.

First day of school for Diana
Diana has just started primary school this year. It is a big milestone for her and us. I must say, we are still trying to adapt. She still can't pack her own bag, more interested in dreaming and still thinks that the world will wait for her. Despite the fact that we stay so near the school, most of the time we have to chase her out so that she gets there on time. On the other hand, she is doing great, she made new friends and is eager to go to school everyday. She comes home really tired, and heads to bed early. So we're still trying hard to get her adjusted to a full day of school and activities. I must say we are still struggling with her. She is the quietest among our 3 children, we try to get her to talk to us, it's an uphill challenge! *Sigh* Hopefully, when she is adjusted, she will feel more comfortable.

First day of school for Isabelle
Isabelle has just started Pre-Nursery/Nursery 1. However, it didn't went so well. So far, out of the many school days, she only managed to attend 3-4 days. She is down with a bad chesty cough (again). So off we pack her to Dr Heng (the ENT specialist we see), he explained that she is still trying to build immunity against the viruses. *sigh* There is nothing much we can do except to stop the symptoms as it comes on. Recently, her temper tantrums are bad, especially when she gets wind that we will be sending her to school. She isn't happy about going to school AT ALL. There is always a bunch of crying kids in her class, she gets really upset and starts to cry too. The good news is we managed to get a spot at St Hilda's instead, and she will be starting in March. My hubs and I strongly believe in St Hilda Kindy's system and discipline, so we are really glad that she will be starting in March instead of January 2014.

Resolutions for 2013
1. Be a better/sane/patient/*insert whatever adjective that you could think of* mother to my kids.  
- I must say I am still struggling on this.. especially with 3 monsters!
2. Start a "sane" home learning routine for the older two.
- I need to be consistent for Didi's routine and really start on Belle's home learning!
3. Try to breastfeed Nic longer than the goal in my head.  
- I was planning to breastfeed him for minimally 6 months, and since he is already hitting 6 months, the feeling to give up is soooooooooo strong!! I need to keep on going!!
4. Start cooking (again) on a regular basis and experiment with 1 new dish each week. - My family needs to eat right; 'nuff said!
5. Be a happy wife. - A happy wife = A happy husband right? *winks winks*