Friday, November 30, 2012

Spider Spider... Spin your web.

It's been a long time since I did a post.. I missed out a lot of important stuff, such as... My eldest girl's birthday. Didi turns 6 this year and is growing up fast.. *sigh* A little too fast in my honest opinion. She will be off to primary school next year.

One of her biggest presents from her grandparents was a Xbox 360 with the Kinect system. It was a great deal of fun for her and her friends. They look darn adorable dancing together. =P

We brought her on a special 1 on 1 trip (as 1 on 1 as we can get with her..) to USS. It was real fun for all of us. We had to bring Nic Boy along.. so he generally suffered the most (in the heat and stroller). The nursing facility at USS was great.. So it was really breastfeeding friendly. The only downside there's only ONE nursing facility in the entire park, be prepared to walk a big round if your baby is hungry!

I also missed out talking about Didi's P1 orientation..

My frantic preparation for her school supplies...

And not forgetting Belle's orientation and school supplies..

I'm going to stop here. I know it feels pretty "empty" but that's all folks! Till my next important random post... =D

Friday, November 2, 2012

Word Search Puzzles

When I was a kid, I like doing word search puzzles and thought it will be a good learning method for my #1. I was surfing for some art ideas and chance upon this site that allows you to create/generate your own word search puzzles.

#1 has been learning about adjectives, prepositions etc in her English prep class. However, she is still a little (this is a major understatement) *lost* on the idea of adjectives. We struggled while going through her work. So I decided this is an easy and quick way to "expose" her to more adjectives and hopefully this will help her write better compositions.

*makes a face*
ps. I am pretty sure this is also a good way to occupy time during the upcoming school holidays! Heehee~