Friday, October 19, 2012

My special number 3

Never in my life I expect myself to be a mother of three. No one sets out knowing that they want to have 3 kiddos. Me... definitely not! I didn't even planned to have that many, perhaps one? Neither did I set out to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) but as I write this.. It just hit me that this is my 3rd year being a SAHM. Now.. how did that happen???

I must say being a SAHM to 3 kids is a full time job itself. As I try to blog about this, I've been interrupted many times.. No. 1 needed help for homework, No. 2 wanted to play tea party, No. 3 has to be fed. Then, the cycle repeats itself with different or same demands.

I try to stay sane by doing pretty much every women does when they are stressed out.. Retail therapy. However, retail therapy is can only fill up the void as much as your wallet allows. So do not try to fill up the void just by shopping. It can make your wallet cry and your husband flip.

I recommend having a hobby (or hobbies).. Have interests that do not revolve around your kids. Do not feel guilty that it may seem frivolous or it takes time away from your kids. You need it! A sane mother is a good mother.

There are a lot of frustrations as a SAHM. It could be lack of adult companion, no one understands your role at home, tiredness, you feel frazzled all the time from the busy schedule and lack of sleep. All SAHMs do go through it. So a little me-time can keep you going a little longer, a little saner and perhaps, you would snap a little less at those you love.

I.. myself, still face a lot of struggles as a SAHM but each day is a new day. As long as I tell myself to let go of the small things and try (really try!) to look at the big picture... Even though the big "picture" can be this messy...

My advice to new SAHMs.. Breathe, let go and don't create holes that you can't dig yourself out! 


  1. I'd say keep your expectations low... and remember you're not a superwoman

    1. HEAR HEAR! =D

      .....and don't let MEN think you are one (even if you are a closet superwoman).