Monday, October 8, 2012

No. 2 is 2!

Happy Birthday, my darling Belle!
May you be blessed with abundance of love, joy and happiness.
Mummy and Daddy loves you lots!

We celebrated (Isa)Belle's birthday on Sunday. Nothing big, just family. She is a little reserve with strangers, so we don't really put her through it. I baked 3 dozens of cupcakes (i-don't-know-why-so-many), lunch was just simple sodhi and putu mayam. We had balloons - kitty themed, and a penguin airwalker which she loves! She was really thrilled with the amount of new toys she gotten, so much so that she wanted to stay home to play with them and not go to school. 

I hope she had a great time.. It's hard enough to be a middle child and she has really short time with us as the youngest. We try to give her a certain amount of special attention as we don't have family with kids her age. She feels left out most of the time. She finds the attention on Sunday a little overwhelming.. but it was nice to have a special day just for her! =)

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